iconRobotic cleaning - No-man entry tank cleaning

AEKS have invested in robotic no-man entry system for effective and safe maintenance and cleaning of storage tanks inside refineries, terminals, chemical plants and Oil&Gas.

The robot (ATEX 0) is fully hydraulically driven and remotely controlled via a control unit located in a safe area or in an Atex Zone 1 classified area. This allows full control of the machine’s movements and the protection of operators from high explosion risk areas.

Our tank cleaning system is consisted of 2 x 10ft containers, which means it can be transported easily to the work site. This ensures we meet the highest standard with the tank cleaning robot operating in Zone 0. The operators cabin is in the 10ft container which is placed in Zone 1 and the power system in the other 10ft container which can be placed in Zone 2.

AEKS tank cleaning system is fully independent and does not need external power source.

ATEX: certified to work in explosion-hazardous areas, according to European ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU.


- Lower cleaning costs
- High productivity and reduced downtime
- Safe cleaning method (No-man entry system)
- Mobility and fast assembly
- No risk of explosion
- No Tank Blanketing process to add inert gases inside a storage tank.